The Body Artist

A novel by Don DeLillo

Published by Scribner in February 2001. 128 pages. The cover reproduces a (strangely androgynous) section of the Caravaggio painting "The Musicians." Here is the original dust jacket copy. Browse some of The Body Artist editions.

No dedication.

Scribner has posted the first chapter of the book on its web site:
There is an audiobook (read by Laurie Anderson) and a signed edition.

According to Scribner publisher Nan Graham: "It's the other side of the world from 'Underworld,'" says Graham, who adds, "It's about time and human perception." The advance copy puts it like this: "A beautiful, mysterious, and moving novel about a young woman living on a lonely coast and the strange ageless man she encounters there in the wilderness of time."

Check the media bandwagon.

What it's about:
A woman interacts with a strange man in a lonely house.

First line:
"Time seems to pass."

What it's really about:
Mourning, memory and the unnameable.

2016 - a French film adaptation of The Body Artist entitled "Never Ever" was released.

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