A bunch of folks have been very helpful in providing additional DeLillo materials and references, so this is a grateful thank you.

Kim Rollins, Noah Hawley, Chris Thomas, Scott Rettberg, Joshua Roberts R.I.P., Phil Nel, Tom Riley, Erick Heroux, Russell Persson, Bruce Sheridan, Judy Engle, Vince Passaro, Jeremy Green, Tom LeClair, Tom Fasano, David Thomson, Marc Weidenbaum, Frank Cantelmi, Doug Jordan, Bob Allard, Jon Michaud, Sean Power, Alan Brickman (and Bonnie Rae Brickman), Roland Kelts, Tilo Zimmermann, Martin Lea, Tom Holberg, Gianluca Pignalberi, Christian Bouchindhomme, Gerald Cloud, Jason Camlot, Jakob Schelander, Richard Romeo and Harry Rush.

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Last updated: 24-APR-2024