Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions about Don DeLillo or the site that make their way to me, with some answers.

Q: Does Don do email?

A: I've never seen any credible report of a DeLillo email address. (I know the folks over at Chuck Palahniuk's site claim to have received a couple things, but I don't buy it. Do you really think Don spends his time worrying about whether he's on Chuck's web site?)

Q: Where can I write to Don then?

A: You can send him a note care of one of his publishers, and it will get to him. Currently he's with Scribner, so use this address:

Don DeLillo
c/o Scribner
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Q: I've never read DeLillo - where should I start?

A: While it's quite a subjective issue, of course, I would say start with White Noise and go from there. If you like it, there's lots more; if not, you probably won't like much else.

Q: Is there an academic group that focuses on DeLillo?

A: Yes, it's the Don DeLillo Society. They have a good website with an excellent Literary Criticism bibliography and news of upcoming conference meetings, etc.

Q: Will Don's early stories ever be collected & reprinted?

A: My unofficial answer is 'probably not.' I get the sense that Don sees his early stories as real journeyman work, that doesn't merit a lot of attention. So maybe it will happen someday, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Q: Can you send me a copy of a DeLillo story or interview that's listed on the site?

A: Sorry, no can do. I get a few too many requests to be able to fulfill them. But if you've found something new, I'm happy to consider a trade.

Q: Has DeLillo's work been translated?

A: Yes, quite a bit actually. You can see the editions I'm aware of from the Novels page, which include French, German, Japanese, Italian and more. Lots of interesting cover art from around the world.

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Last updated: 21-JUL-2004