DeLillo Links on the Web

A Don DeLillo Society was formed in 1999 and invites your participation. Their site includes an excellent guide to DeLillo literary criticism, and much other information of interest to DeLillo fans. Now there is also a Facebook page for the Don DeLillo Society.

A mailing list group has been created for the DeLillo Society, and you can find info and sign on right here.

The New York Times has a nice collection of their reviews of DeLillo, along with links to articles by and about The Man. They also have this page which links to articles that mention DeLillo.
It's no surprise that Wikipedia has a growing entry for DeLillo.
Looking for the DeLillo-esque? Check out the DeLilloid blog for topical bits that seem like they could have been written by the man himself (or as the subtitle puts it, 'Watching life imitate the work of Don DeLillo').
Stephen Burn has written a very good short overview of DeLillo's life and work for the Literary Encyclopedia, which can be found here.
Another site that is about DeLillo's most popular book: White Noise on White Noise.

April 1, 2009: I've learned that a public-service minded individual going by the handle of the Donologist has been busy adding radio interview clips onto YouTube. Enjoy.

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