End Zone - Don DeLillo - Editions

Picador UK, 2011

Penguin, 2006

Penguin, early 1990s

Paperback, Pocket, around 1977

First UK edition published by André Deutsch, 1973. (isbn: 0233964517)

Back cover photo of DeLillo:

UK paperback edition published by Wildwood House, 1973. (isbn: 0704500264)
The publication page states "First published in Great Britain 1973 simultaneously by André Deutsch Limited and Wildwood House"

Paperback published by Pocket Books, 1973.

Back cover copy:


There is a small college somewhere in America. A place where young men gather to study the secrets of the universe; to refine their sexual techniques; to meditate on human folly--and to play hard, belting football.

And where they learn that God himself is waiting for the outcome of the season....

Published by Houghton Mifflin, 1972, 242 pages. Jacket by Paul Bacon.

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