Libra Media Watch - a novel by Don DeLillo - 1988

This page lists the known reviews of Don DeLillo's 1988 novel, Libra.

Antioch Review: Winter 1989 (V47/#1) - very short review of Libra.

Boston Globe: July 24, 1988 - "A Window on that Day in Dallas" review of Libra by Mark Feeney.

Chicago Tribune Book World: July 31, 1988 - review of Libra by Paul Skenazy.

Commonweal: November 4, 1988 - review of Libra by Peter LaSalle.

Elle: December, 1988 - "Moody Americans" review of Libra by David Rieff, pp. 120-22.

Guardian (Manchester): November 11, 1988 - "Beware of the underdog" review of Libra by Stephen Fender, p. 31.

Los Angeles Times Book Review: July 31, 1988 - "Imagining the Kennedy Assassination" review of Libra by Richard Eder.

Maclean's: August 29, 1988 - "The mind of an assassin" review of Libra by Lenny Glynn, pp. 50-51.

Mother Jones: September, 1988 - "Oswald as Anti-Hero" review of Libra by Robert Dunn.

Nation: September 19, 1988 - "Scripts, Plots and Codes" review of Libra by John Leonard, pp. 205-208.

New Statesman Society: November 11, 1988 - "DeLillo delivers" review of Libra by Geoff Dyer.

Newsweek: August 15, 1988 - "Appointment in Dallas" review of Libra, p. 59.

New Yorker: September 26, 1988 - "Self-Watcher" review of Libra by Terrence Rafferty.

New York Review of Books: August 18, 1988 - "From the Grassy Knoll" review of Libra by Robert Towers.

New York Times: July 18, 1988 - "A Pilgrim's Regress in Dallas, November '63" review of Libra by C. Lehmann-Haupt.

New York Times Book Review: July 24, 1988 - "Dallas, Echoing Down the Decades" first page review of Libra by Anne Tyler.

At what point exactly does fact drift over into fiction? The book is so seamlessly written that perhaps not even those people who own both upstairs and downstairs copies of the Warren report could say for certain. Oswald's mother, for instance, with her nonstop, plaintive, sometimes unwittingly comic stream of talk, was probably willing to speak to any newsman who poked a microphone in her face; and therefore Mr. DeLillo had merely to transcribe her long-ago monologues. Or did he? Other voices are equally convincing, and yet obviously not all of those could have been taped.

People: August 22, 1988 - review of Libra by Ralph Novak, pp. 28-29.

San Francisco Chronicle: July 24, 1988 - "A Loss of Innocence" review of Libra by John C. Hawley.

Time: August 1, 1988 - "Reimagining Death in Dallas" review of Libra by Paul Gray, p. 65.

Times (London): November 10, 1988 - review of Libra by Bryan Appleyard, p. 21.

Sunday Times (London): November 13, 1988 - "Trials of Lee Harvey Oswald" review of Libra by D. J. Taylor, p. G7.

Times Literary Supplement (London): November 18, 1988 - "Coming up empty" review of Libra by Christopher Hitchens, p. 1283.

Voice Literary Supplement: October, 1988 - "White Magic" review of Libra by Greg Tate, pp. 39-41.

Washington Post: Sept 22, 1988 - "Shallow Look at the Mind of an Assasin" op-ed piece on Libra by George Will, p. A25.

Washington Post Book World: July 31, 1988 - "Appointment in Dallas" review of Libra by Jonathan Yardley.

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