Productions of "Love-Lies-Bleeding"

This page lists known productions of Don DeLillo's 2006 play "Love-Lies-Bleeding". Most recent on top.

2018 Productions

November 9 - December 8, 2018 - A London production of "Love-Lies-Bleeding" at the Print Room at the Coronet, 103 Notting Hill Gate, London. More details and tickets available here at Coronet site.

The production is directed by Jack McNamara, and stars Josie Lawrence and Joe McGann.

2008 Productions

July 16 - August 16, 2008 - Production of Love-Lies-Bleeding in Melbourne (Chapel St, St. Kilda!), Australia, produced by the Red Stitch Actors Theatre, directed by Alice Bishop. Performances Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 6.30pm. For additional details.

February 15 - 23, 2008 - Production of DeLillo's play Love-Lies-Bleeding in Boston, Massachusetts, produced by the WAY Theatre Artists, directed by Greg Maraio. On stage at Boston Playwrights Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. For additional details.

2007 Productions

July 7 - August 19, 2007 - Production of DeLillo's play Love-Lies-Bleeding in Sydney, Australia, produced by the Sydney Theatre Company, directed by Lee Lewis. For additional details.

2006 Productions

Oct 11- Nov 4, 2006 - Production of Love-Lies-Bleeding at the Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise, Idaho, directed by Tracy Sunderland. For details & tickets, go to

June 17-25, 2006 - Production of DeLillo's play, Love-Lies-Bleeding, at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. An article in Playbill on March 1, 2005 reports the following:

Don DeLillo's new play Love-Lies-Bleeding will also be part of the forthcoming season. The drama, which will run June 17-25, 2006, is a co-production with the Steppenwolf Theater Company and will be mounted at the Terrace Theatre. Love-Lies-Bleeding, according to production notes, "focuses on the last years of a free-spirited artist, now left invalid after a second stroke." The production will be directed by Steppenwolf ensemble member Amy Morton.

April 27-May 28th, 2006 - Premier of DeLillo's play, Love-Lies-Bleeding, at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago; Amy Morton directing. The Steppenwolf describes the play as follows:

Moving back and forth in time, Love-Lies-Bleeding focuses on the last years of a free-spirited artist, now left invalid after a second stroke. Hovering over the artist's lifeless body are his son, estranged ex-wife and younger wife, locked in metaphysical struggle over the ultimate question: do they agree to a mercy killing or let him die his natural course? As DeLillo masterfully tackles the ethics of their decision, he amplifies what it truly means to be alive. Like the spiky tropical flower that shares its name, Love-Lies-Bleeding is both hauntingly beautiful and sharp as a knife.

2005 Production

May 2, 2005 - An initial performance of Love-Lies-Bleeding performed at the Fulton Street Theater in Boise, Idaho, directed by Don himself. And here's a nice blog item (scroll down) on the event by Janet Holmes of Boise State, which explains how this happened (there's a connection through "Game 6" director Michael Hoffman).

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