Mao II - Don DeLillo - Editions

U.S. Penguin, 2006

Published by Vintage UK, 1992.

Back cover copy:

Bill Gray, a famous reclusive novelist, emerges from his isolation when he becomes the key figure in an event staged to force the release of a poet hostage in Beirut. MAO II expolores a world in which the novelist's power to influence the inner life of a culture now belongs to bomb-makers and gunmen.

Penguin, 1992

UK First Edition - Published by Jonathan Cape, 1991

Back cover blurbs:

"Sentence for sentence, page for page, there is no novelist in America who writes better than Don DeLillo. His books are essential reading for anyone interested in understanding what it means to be alive in the late twentieth century." -- Paul Auster

The Pynchon blurb from the American edition is also on the back cover.

U.S. First Edition - Published by Viking, 1991

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