Players - Don DeLillo - Editions

Vintage, 2006

Vintage, early 1990s

Published by Vintage U.K., 1991.

Back cover copy:

In this remarkable novel of menace and mystery Pammy and Lyle Wynant are an attractive, modern couple who seem to have it all. Yet behind their "ideal" life is a lingering boredom and quiet desperation which leads both of them into separate but equally fatal adventures. And still they remain untouched, "players" indifferent to the violence that surrounds them, and that they have helped to create.

Vintage, 1983

Published by Ballantine Books, 1978.

Back cover copy:

Lyle and Pammy Wynant.
A couple so contemporary they frightened even
themselves. They were so sleek, so buttoned-down,
and oh, so bored...Until Lyle witnesses a Wall
Street murder and decides to play urban
guerilla...Until Pammy runs off to Maine with her
favorite odd couple--and precipitates a disaster.
Until suddenly their lives have become more
exciting, more violent, more real than television had
ever made them. And the point, after all, was not to
win or lose--it was above all to be a player.

Published by Knopf, 1977

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