White Noise - Don DeLillo - Editions

Picador UK, 2012, paperback (ISBN: 9781447202806).

Picador UK, 2011, paperback

Penguin, 25th Anniversary Edition, with Introduction by Richard Powers, 2010, paperback. Artist: Michael Cho.

For a time a poster version of this cover design was available from Penguin.

Read all about the design process for this cover at the artist's blog: Don DeLillo's White Noise Book Jacket Art.

Richard Rayner wrote a nice piece Tuning back in to 'White Noise' on the occasion of this edition, published in the Los Angeles Times on Jan 3, 2010. Here's the conclusion:

Still, to describe 'White Noise' as one of the most important fictions of the last part of the last century is to burden with daunting baggage a book that, on rereading, seems wilder and scarier and funnier, and even more pertinent, than it did the first time around.

Penguin, 2006, paperback

And here's an early 2000s UK edition

Published by Penguin, 1999, paperback

Don DeLillo - 1997

Published by Penguin, 1998, paperback

Penguin, 1990s, paperback

Published by Picador UK, 1986, paperback.

Penguin, 1986, paperback

Published by Picador UK, 1985, hardcover (ISBN: 9780330291095).
Brian Eno was in a way involved with the design, as described by Gary Day-Ellison.

Published by Viking, 1985, hardcover

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