End Zone Media Watch - a novel by Don DeLillo - 1972

This page lists the known reviews of Don DeLillo's 1972 novel, End Zone.

General Critical Reaction:
Many critics felt that this was a real breakthrough for DeLillo. A much more focused and original novel than Americana, the New York Times Book Review featured End Zone on the front page, and was very enthusiastic. Time magazine however later called the book "much overpraised."

Antioch Review: Spring 1972 (V32/#1&2) - very short review of End Zone.

Los Angeles Times Book Review: March 26, 1972 - "A Waugh in Shoulder Padding" review of End Zone by Nelson Algren.

New Yorker: May 6, 1972 - briefly noted, unsigned review of End Zone.

New York Review of Books: June 29, 1972 - review of End Zone by Roger Sale.

New York Times: March 22, 1972 - "A Touchdown for Don DeLillo" review of End Zone by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt.

All of which may explain what Mr. DeLillo is up to but leaves out everything that makes his novel wonderful - the craft with which he builds the scenes that make the foregoing lines seem funny; the grace and humor of his own narrative voice; the football fantasies that would make even Alex Karras envious; the football game told in pure jargonese that makes up the exciting centerpiece of the novel; a pick-up game played in the snow that ought to be placed all in textbooks on creative writing to demonstrate the art of building a scene - simply everything.

New York Times Book Review: April 9, 1972 - page one review of End Zone by Thomas R. Edwards.

Time: April 17, 1972 - briefly noted, unsigned review of End Zone.

Times Literary Supplement (London): September 14, 1973 - "Beefcake blues" review of End Zone.

Washington Post Book World: April 16, 1972 - "A kick in the head" review of End Zone by S.K. Oberbeck.

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