End Zone

A novel by Don DeLillo

Published by Houghton Mifflin, 1972, 242 pages. Jacket by Paul Bacon.
British first published by Deutsch, 1973.
Paperbacks issued by Pocket 1973 and later by Penguin.
End Zone editions.

Dedication: "to my parents"

What it's about:
A story of games, including college football and nuclear warfare, set in Texas.
Here's the original dust jacket copy.

First lines:
"Taft Robinson was the first black student to be enrolled at Logos College in west Texas. They got him for his speed."

What it's really about:
From the LeClair interview: "It may be the case that with End Zone I began to suspect that language was a subject as well as an instrument in my work, although I'd find it hard to say in what ways exactly."

In the 1988 DeCurtis interview he says: "End Zone wasn't about football. It's a fairly elusive novel. It seems to me to be about extreme places and extreme states of mind, more than anything else."

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