Players Media Watch - a novel by Don DeLillo - 1977

This page lists the known reviews of Don DeLillo's 1977 novel, Players.

Boston Globe: September 20, 1977 - "The Sad Slide of DeLillo" review of Players by Margaret Manning.

Harper's: September, 1977 - "End Game" review of Players by Stephen Koch, pp. 88-89.

Los Angeles Times Book Review: September 11, 1977 - "An American dream unhinged" review of Players by Ardie Ivie.

Newsweek: August 29, 1977 - "City Lights" review of Players by Margo Jefferson.

New Yorker: March 27, 1978 - "Layers of Ambiguity" review of Players by John Updike.

New York Times: August 11, 1977 - review of Players by John Leonard.

New York Times Book Review: September 4, 1977 - "Beyond Radical Chic" page one review of Players by Diane Johnson.

With each day's new terrorist event in Entebbe or Wall Street or midtown Manhattan it becomes more natural that terrorists start showing up as prototypical figures in novels; but in novels they have their uses. They replace the car crash as a means of violent and sudden death, replace psychiatrists and holymen as spokesmen of authority. Like the fools in Shakespeare they are satirical; like clowns, with their air of comic befuddlement, they call attention to the significance of things whose significance we had missed. Until their comeback, some of their powers - for instance, the power to effect retributive justice - had been lost to authors. Perhaps they are the only moral agents anyone can believe in now.

Still, nobody thanks a moralist, as Don DeLillo must know.

Saturday Review: September 3, 1977 - review of Players by Thomas LeClair.

Washington Post Book World: August 21, 1977 - "The Flowers Are All Poison" review of Players by William Kennedy.

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