The Silence

A forthcoming 2020 novel(la) by Don DeLillo.

To be published by Scribner in October 2020. 128 pages.

What it's about: A LitHub article on June 24, 2020 by Emily Temple contains this little preview:

The publisher describes it as "a novel about five people gathered in a Manhattan apartment on Super Bowl Sunday 2022, when an unknown catastrophic event renders the digital world silent. With echoes of the sudden, isolating effects of the Coronavirus, The Silence is a powerful work about what it means to be human from one of the most highly-decorated, dazzling, and essential voices in American fiction."

DeLillo himself said that he began writing the novel in 2018. "I started with a vision of empty streets in Manhattan. The idea of the silence grew from sentence to sentence, from one chapter to the next."

EW provides the cover and a nice excerpt paragraph of airplane dread: Get a first look at Don DeLillo's The Silence by Seija Rankin on July 16, 2020:

He decided to sleep for half an hour or until an attendant showed up with a snack before they landed. Tea and sweets. The plane began to bounce side to side. He knew that he was supposed to ignore this and that Tessa was supposed to shrug and say, Smooth ride up to now.

The October Harper's has an excerpt from the beginning of the book entitled "Time to Destination", and here's bit of dialog between Tessa and Jim on the plane:

She said, “What time is the game?”
“Six-thirty kickoff.”
“Do we get home in time?”
“Didn’t I read it off the screen? Arrival time whatever whatever.”
“We land in Newark, don’t forget.”

First line: we shall see

What it's really about: we shall see!

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Last updated: 16-JUL-2020