The Silence

A forthcoming 2020 novel(la) by Don DeLillo.

To be published by Scribner in October 2020. 128 pages.

What it's about: A LitHub article on June 24, 2020 by Emily Temple contains this little preview:

The publisher describes it as "a novel about five people gathered in a Manhattan apartment on Super Bowl Sunday 2022, when an unknown catastrophic event renders the digital world silent. With echoes of the sudden, isolating effects of the Coronavirus, The Silence is a powerful work about what it means to be human from one of the most highly-decorated, dazzling, and essential voices in American fiction."

DeLillo himself said that he began writing the novel in 2018. "I started with a vision of empty streets in Manhattan. The idea of the silence grew from sentence to sentence, from one chapter to the next."

First line: we shall see

What it's really about: we shall see!

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Last updated: 27-JUN-2020