Epilogue - Das Kapital

Time period: the mid 1990s

Title refers the grand work by Karl Marx.

Stop the Bomb by Lee, 1979. From Subway Art.

They are trading garbage in the commodity pits in Chicago. They are making synthetic feces in Dallas. You can sell your testicles to a firm in Russia that will give you four thousand dollars and then remove the items surgically and mash them up and extract the vital substances and market the resulting syrupy stuff as rejuvenating beauty-cream, for a profit that is awesome. (804)

It's Light Up Time


In 1949, Frank Sinatra hooked up with Lucky Strikes. "The new deal with the American Tobacco Company for 'Light Up Time' -- fifteen minutes every weekday night in prime time--was for three years." (From Arnold Shaw's book).

The Web

There is no space or time out here, or in here, or wherever she is. There are only connections. Everything is connected. All human knowledge gathered and linked, hyperlinked, this site leading to that, this fact referenced to that, a keystroke, a mouse-click, a password -- world without end, amen. (825)

Is cyberspace a thing within the world, or is it the other way around? Which contains the other, and how can you tell for sure? (826)

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