Ratner's Star

A novel by Don DeLillo, 1976

Published by Knopf, 1976, 438 pages. Jacket design by Fred Marcellino.
U.S. paperbacks issued by Vintage starting in 1980.
Ratner's Star editions.
Here's a funny oddity; an unused cover design.

Dedication: "to Marc and Claudia"

What it's about:
A fourteen year old child prodigy tries to decipher a radio message from space.
Here's the original dust jacket copy.

First line:
"Little Billy Twillig stepped aboard a Sony 747 bound for a distant land."

What it's really about:
From the DeCurtis interview: "It seems to me that Ratner's Star is a book which is almost all structure. The structure of the book is the book. The characters are intentionally flattened and cartoonlike. I was trying to build a novel which was not only about mathematics to some extent but which itself would become a piece of mathematics. It would be a book which embodied pattern and order and harmony, which is one of the the traditional goals of pure mathematics."

From the LeClair interview: "There's a structural model, the Alice books of Lewis Carroll. The headings of the two parts--'Adventures' and 'Reflections'--refer to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.... There is also a kind of guiding spirit. This is Pythagoras. The mathematician-mystic. The whole book is informed by this link or opposition, however you see it, and the characters keep bouncing between science and superstition."

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