Running Dog

A novel by Don DeLillo, 1978

Published by Knopf, 1978, 246 pages. Jacket design by Lidia Ferrara, painting by Karl Korab.
British first edition published by Gollancz, 1978.
Paperbacks issued by Vintage starting in 1979.
Running Dog editions.

Dedication: "to Eydie and Phil"

What it's about:
The search for the secret Hitler pornographic film.
Here's the original dust jacket copy.

First line:
"You won't find ordinary people here."

What it's really about:
From the DeCurtis interview: "What I was really getting at in Running Dog was a sense of the terrible acquisitiveness in which we live, coupled with a final indifference to the object. After all the mad attempts to acquire the thing, everyone suddenly decides that, well, maybe we really don't care about this so much anyway. This was something I felt characterized our lives at the time the book was written, in the mid to late seventies. I think this was part of American consciousness then."

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Fun Libra foreshadowing: One character is reported to spend most of her time at home. "She curls up with the Warren Report. She's been reading the Warren Report for eight or nine years. Nine years, I make it. The full set. Twenty-six volumes."

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