New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2002

This page notes all the new additions to the page that were done in 2002.
Added a link to the first review of Cosmopolis. (thanks to Peter Wild)
Also updated the Danish page to add the translator and publisher.
(Dec 19, 2002)
Added news of a past DeLillo Event - attending a celebration for Sam Beckett on Dec. 9, 2002.
Also, I note this little tidbit from the litcrit scene (as taken from a story entitled "Hysterical Realism" by Daniel Zalewski in the NY Times on Dec 15, 2002:

James Wood, the very smart and very grouchy literary critic for The New Republic, has become increasingly exasperated with those enormous, encyclopedic novels like ''The Corrections'' that contemporary writers keep churning out. These show-offy books -- all longer than ''Ulysses'' and teeming with zany-yet-brilliant characters whose improbably interlocked stories are punctuated by smarty-pants digressions on arcane topics like earthquake detection, Quebecois exceptionalism and the semiotics of hot-dog stands -- are, Wood says, ''perpetual motion machines'' that are ''ashamed of silence'' and pursue ''vitality at all costs.'' He has even coined a damning phrase for the genre: ''hysterical realism.''


Wood blames the hysterical-realism scourge on Don DeLillo, even though he (grudgingly) admits that DeLillo's sweeping ''Underworld'' is a work of ''epic social power.'' In Wood's view, ''the DeLilloan idea of the novelist as a kind of Frankfurt School entertainer -- a cultural theorist, fighting the culture with dialectical devilry -- has been woefully influential and will take some time to die.''

(Dec 17, 2002)

Added a new page featuring the Danish editions of DeLillo's novels, with pictures. Thanks to Jakob Schelander!
(Dec 6, 2002)
I'm pleased to report that a long expired link has been revived! Jason Camlot's 1993 work on Frank Lentricchia's "Introduction" of Don DeLillo is now up on this site. See LitCrit.

Also, I've gotten the following information on some additional DeLillo appearances (thanks to Andy Roe!) coinciding with the publication of Cosmopolis in Spring 2003 (keep an eye on Events for details). Here's the summary:

(Nov 5, 2002)

A few minor DeLillo items to add:
Greil Marcus apparently attended DeLillo's reading at Princeton a couple weeks ago, and has put a report into his latest 'Top 10' for Salon. I've added an excerpt to the Events listing (see Oct 16, 2002).

I've added a snippet to DeLillo on Writing taken from a recent Village Voice article on second novels.

And I'm told that singer Rhett Miller (from the Old 97's) name-drops DeLillo on his solo album, in the song "World Inside the World."
(Nov 4, 2002)

Did a bit of searching on the web (isn't Google an amazing thing?), and found news of a very recent DeLillo reading at Princeton University given on Oct. 16. Added detail on the event and a short interview done the same day.

Also found a DeLillo blurb done for the new book of Gaddis collected pieces, the Rush for Second Place.
(Oct 19, 2002)

Well, I was guessing that we might not see him again in San Francisco, but Don is scheduled to appear at the Herbst Theatre on April 2, 2003, coinciding with the appearance of Cosmopolis. See the Events page for more details. Please let me know if you hear of any other DeLillo speaking events.

I also heard from a gentleman named Pierre Maillard, who tells me he has made arrangements with DeLillo to obtain film rights for The Body Artist. I will post more info on this as I get details.

Lastly, I got my hands on an advance copy of the new book!
(Oct 18, 2002)

New information on Cosmopolis, as found at an EBay auction, including a photo of the ARC.
(Oct 5, 2002)
Added a new book called Underwords: Perspectives on Don DeLillo's Underworld to the Lit Crit page.
(Sept 28, 2002)
Added a current production of "Valparaiso" in Iowa City to Valparaiso Productions and the Events page.
(Sept 25, 2002)
Did a bit more work on the Bibliography page to add other printings of the novels.
(Sept 7, 2002)
DeLillo's recent story "Baader-Meinhof" has been reprinted in The Guardian, August 17, 2002 and is available online (here entitled "Looking at Meinhof").

Also added an upcoming production of "The Day Room" in Washington, D.C. to the Events page.

Also added some quick links within the Bibliography page to ease navigation.
(Aug 17, 2002)

Added Village Voice review of Rude Mechanical's 'Valparaiso'.
(Aug 15, 2002)
Added information on David Cowart's book Don DeLillo: The Physics of Language to the Lit Crit page.
(Aug 14, 2002)
Added several links to the Valparaiso Productions page (Time Out story from New York, and two reviews of the San Diego production).
(Aug 9, 2002)
Reorganized the 'Valparaiso' information and created a new Valparaiso Productions page.
(Aug 7, 2002)
Updated the Events page to reflect that the Rude Mechanical's production of "Valparaiso" in NYC has been extended until August 18.
(July 31, 2002)

Finally took care of some housekeeping today, and have added a few things.

A new DeLillo Detractor! Dale Peck weighs in. DeLillo's tomes - "just plain stupid."

A few Odds and Ends: David Bowie namedrops, and Nick Fowler's novel does too (even includes a mini-picture!).

And added the info on the Italian edition of "Valparaiso."
(July 28, 2002)

For faster loading, I've split out all the old 'new additions' to separate pages by year, and links are provided below.
(July 15, 2002)

Made some updates on the "Valparaiso" page, including a link to a story in the Village Voice entitled "Don DeLillo's Chile Dish" by Christopher Hickman.
(July 9, 2002)

Added two short items to the Bibliography: "Finding the Dark Heart" (on the Steppenwolf Theater company) and "The Fictional Man" on Lee Harvey Oswald, both in the Essays section.
(June 23, 2002)

Added another Event: a production of "Valparaiso" to be staged in New York City in July.
(June 8, 2002)

Added a couple Events: a production of "Valparaiso" is currently being staged in Paris, and the tentative date for publication of Cosmopolis in March 2003.
(May 31, 2002)

Re-activated the What's Next page for rumors of Cosmopolis! (thanks to Roland Kelts for this one!)
(May 23, 2002)

Added an upcoming production of "Valparaiso" in San Diego to the Events page.
Added reviews of The Body Artist to the Reviews page.
(May 12, 2002)

Finally added notice of the "Baader-Meinhof" story to the Stories and Bibliography pages (just back from a long holiday in Australia!).
(May 7, 2002)

Added a couple DeLillo epigraphs to the Odds and Ends page.
(March 9, 2002)

DeLillo has written a blurb for a forthcoming novel by Gilbert Sorrentino, entitled Little Casino to be published by Coffee House Press this spring. Here's a link: (thanks to Kathy Tontobreine).

For decades, Gilbert Sorrentino has remained a unique figure in our literature. He reminds us that fiction lives because artists make it. He is an artist who works against the age, the tide, the timid wish to be popular. Again, in Little Casino, he brings modernist rigor to the sad, messy, comical past. This novel is a liturgy of pop songs, card games, women's underwear and all the mistakes we've ever made. It is also a rich fiction in the act of twisted self-reflection. To the novel-everyone's novel-Sorrentino brings honor, tradition and relentless passion.

(March 3, 2002)

Added a new page for the first paperback edition of The Body Artist.
(February 14, 2002)
Made some updates to the Bibliography, the Stories, Lit Crit and added an unlikely Odds and Ends item.

John Duvall's book, "Don DeLillo's Underworld: A Reader's Guide" is now out.

(January 31, 2002)

A couple new DeLillo related things appear in a recent issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, including an interview with Jody McAuliffe on his plays, and a short piece by Frank Lentricchia entitled "Aristotle and/or DeLillo" on his recent short play "The Mystery at the Middle of Ordinary Life." See the Interviews page for more details (go to the bottom).

Also, a new book is out by John Duvall, "Don DeLillo's Underworld: A Reader's Guide" (ISBN 0826452418). More details to follow soon.
(January 15, 2002)

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