New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2001

This page note all the new additions to the page that were done in 2001.

The DeLillo essay "In the Ruins of the Future" was reprinted in the UK in the Guardian, and they have the piece online. Here is a link:,4273,4324579,00.html.
(December 30, 2001)

A new DeLillo essay entitled "In the Ruins of the Future" appears in the December Harper's. See the Articles page for details.
(November 27, 2001)

An essay by James Woods in The Guardian entitled "Tell me how does it feel? US novelists must now abandon social and theoretical glitter" mentions DeLillo prominently. See Odds and Ends for details.
(November 3, 2001)

Updated the Events page with the fact that DeLillo read the poem "Report from the Besieged City" by Zbigniew Herbert at the NYC Town Hall event on Oct 11, 2001.

Also, Salon ran a DeLillo overview piece today by Jeffrey MacIntyre.
(October 23, 2001)

Scribner has published a new hardback of "Pafko at the Wall" for the 50th anniversary of the baseball game.
(October 22, 2001)

DeLillo will be appearing at a charity event on Oct 11 in New York City. See the Events page for full details.
(September 30, 2001)

Vince Passaro has written a short piece entitled "Don DeLillo and the Towers" on the slightly eerie connection of the cover of Underworld to the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings. See more on the Odds and Ends page.
(September 26, 2001)

A couple new blurbs from DeLillo: for Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections and Dana Spiotta's Lightning Field.
(September 19, 2001)

A couple more reviews of The Body Artist have been found (thanks to Daniel Medin and Bob Allard).
(August 4, 2001)

Some new DeLillo-bashing in the latest Atlantic (July/August 2001). Details in Detractors.
(July 2, 2001)

A production of "The Day Room" in Los Angeles begins June 15 - details in Events.
(June 14, 2001)

This web site got some attention from the Boston Globe in an article entitled "Authors in their Sites" by Mark Feeney.
(May 14, 2001)

Posted information on the address given by DeLillo upon receiving the Jerusalem Prize in 1999 on the Other Writing page. (thanks to Gerald Cloud!)
(April 23, 2001)

Posted info on the Italian edition of The Body Artist.
Also corrected the link for "The Artist Naked in a Cage" on the Other Writing page.
(April 22, 2001)

Posted some new Body Artist reviews, including some information on the German edition, and added a revised link to the Diane Osen interview from 1997.
(April 3, 2001)

Posted listings of a number of reviews and a 1999 interview that ran in the Boston Globe (thanks to Mark Feeney).
(Mar 22, 2001)

Added a link to a strange little parody of The Body Artist that appeared in McSweeneys.

Also added a link to a site on DeLillo put up by Central Booking.
(Mar 20, 2001)

Listed an event of interest to Bay Area residents - a staging of "Valparaiso" in San Francisco.

Also posted a link to Salon for The Body Artist audio excerpt.
(Mar 7, 2001)

Links to a list of British reviews of The Body Artist as well as a couple other goodies.
(Feb 27, 2001)

Link to a new review of The Body Artist from San Francisco Chronicle, as well as a link to a Rick Moody interview where he discusses DeLillo.

Also posted The Body Artist dust jacket copy.
(Feb 25, 2001)

Link to a new review of The Body Artist from New York Review of Books.
(Feb 12, 2001)

Links to a couple more reviews of The Body Artist.
Also added an Event - the Canadian premier of Valparaiso in Vancouver.
(Feb 10, 2001)

Lots of news about The Body Artist lately! The books is in some stores in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to all the folks who have sent me links and information.
(Jan 24, 2001)
Scribner has posted the first chapter of The Body Artist on its web site. Check The Body Artist page for a link.
Also, the recent "Mystery" playlet has been reprinted in the January 2001 issue of Harper's.
(thanks to Richard Romeo)
(Jan 4, 2001)
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