New Additions to the DeLillo Pages in 2009

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2009.

Added last minute news of a PEN event in NYC on Dec. 31 at 11am at the NYC Public Library - full details on the Events page.
(Dec. 30, 2009)

I've created a Point Omega Media Watch page, and added an early review from Publishers Weekly (thanks to Drew!). Also added an event for Feb 11, 2010 for the release of the new novel. Also fixed a broken link in the Bibliography - it's for the Bing article from 1997 discussing Underworld & more.
(Dec. 27, 2009)
A short excerpt from Point Omega is now available on the Scribner site; see the Point Omega page for a link. Also, a new French cover image of Cosmopolis, and a new event listing for Oct. 20, 2009 on DeLillo's association with the Norman Mailer Writers Colony. Lastly, added a production of "The Day Room" at Fordham in 2009, with an image.
(Dec. 10, 2009)
A new story from DeLillo entitled "Midnight in Dostoevsky" appears in the 30 November 2009 issue of the New Yorker, and it is online now. Details & link at the Stories page.
(Nov. 23, 2009)
Added quite a bit of detail about DeLillo's forthcoming novel, from the Scribner Spring 2010 catalog, including a cover image. Details on the Point Omega page.
(Oct. 12, 2009)
Update to add a link for DeLillo's University of Wyoming visit on Sept 28; details on the Events page.
(Oct. 2, 2009)
Noting two more DeLillo appearances today. First, while in Wyoming DeLillo will also be doing a reading on Sept 28 in Laramie, and in early November he will be appearing in Albany, NY along with Russell Banks for a screening of "The Man With The Golden Arm"; details and links on the Events page.
(Sep. 24, 2009)
Two new items today. First, noting the appearance of a new DeLillo piece appearing in Granta; details on Articles page. Second, added a link to a new blog called DeLilloid, which looks for life imitating DeLillo; fourth item on the Links page.
(Sep. 22, 2009)
Several new items today. First, notice of a DeLillo appearance at an upcoming PEN event in October in NYC; details on Events. Second, news of a new Penguin edition of White Noise due later this year, with details of the cover art and a link to the artist's blog. And, two new Odds and Ends entries. Thanks to Abe and Scott for their links!
(Sep. 18, 2009)
Noting a scheduled DeLillo appearance out in Wyoming! See the Events page for details about this Sept 29 visit.
(August 20, 2009)

I have now established a page for Point Omega, the new DeLillo novel due out in Feb. 2010, with a bit of extra info.
More DeLillo film news in an Odds and Ends item, about David Cronenberg this time. (I take most of this stuff with a big grain of salt!)
Also added an image of Mao II with some publishing details to the Russian translations page (thanks to Gianluca for the link).
(July 25, 2009)

Another new DeLillo Odds and Ends item, this time involving Jay Murray Siskind!
Also added a couple images to the French translations page; a paperback cover of Joueurs (Players) and the Happe LitCrit book on DeLillo.
(July 21, 2009)

Three new DeLillo Odds and Ends items posted today! Unlikely Funding for White Noise film, DeLillo in a classroom, and a rarity re-printed.
Also put up a scan of another cover image of "The Day Room" so created a new covers page for it.
(July 11, 2009)

Good and unexpected news today - DeLillo's got a novel due out in early 2010 - entitled Point Omega. Also, from the sounds of this interview with Granta editor John Freeman there may be a new DeLillo piece appearing the next issue of Granta (not quite sure when that may be).
(June 9, 2009)

Added a link to a couple videos from the Algren event held back in April (includes a little bit of DeLillo reading), on the Events page.
(June 6, 2009)

Added a couple photos from the Common Wealth awards dinner held in Delaware, one on the Events page and one on the Awards page. Also added a link and some DeLillo quotes from the Algren event in Chicago.
(April 29, 2009)

The Chicago Tribune reports on Nelson Algren event in Chicago on the 6th. Details on the Events page.
(April 13, 2009)

New on the Events page: DeLillo will receive the Common Wealth Award for Distinguished Service in Delaware on April 25, 2009. I also added a link for the Nelson Algren event in Chicago on April 6, 2009. And added a link to the mysterious work of the Donologist onto the Links page.
(April 1, 2009)

The Chicago Tribune reports that DeLillo will be appearing in Chicago in April at an event celebrating Nelson Algren. Details on the Events page.
(Feb. 18, 2009)

A nice treat on Super Sunday - the full text of the 1972 story "Total Loss Weekend" is now online, and a link is provided on the Stories page (thanks to Mark for the link!). Also updated the Bibliography. Also added one review on the Falling Man media page.
(Feb. 1, 2009)

Noting that the January 2009 Harper's magazine includes DeLillo's comments at the DF Wallace memorial; a portion now on the Events page. Also updated the Bibliography.
(Jan. 5, 2009)

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