New Additions to the DeLillo Pages in 2015

This page notes all new additions to the site in 2015.

Created a Zero K Media Watch page, starting with an early mini-review from Publishers Weekly.
(Dec 7, 2015)

Updates to the Events page, with a transcription of DeLillo's comments upon receiving his latest award last night, plus a brief encounter in Portugal.
(Nov 19, 2015)

Scribner has posted a cover image for DeLillo's next novel Zero K.
(Oct 21, 2015)

Put in two working links for DeLillo stories - fixed the "Total Loss Weekend" link and put in a new one for "Human Moments in World War III" on both Stories and Bibliography. Also put in an Odds and Ends item for Garth Risk Hallberg.
(Nov 2, 2015)

DeLillo listed as a guest for the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival in early November, added to the Events page.
(Oct 18, 2015)

Added a report for DeLillo's appearance in in NYC on Oct. 2, as part of The New Yorker Festival, to the Events page.
(Oct 5, 2015)

It's getting hard to keep up with DeLillo news lately! Today came the announcement that he has been awarded another significant prize, the 2015 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Foundation. The Award ceremony event will be on Nov. 18. Also AP ran a story with a few responses with DeLillo which I added to the interview page.
(Sep 2, 2015)

DeLillo's next novel Zero K has a page and now has a short dust jacket type description from Scribner, but no cover image so far. Thanks to alert friends of the page for the pointers! Also added an Event for a DeLillo conference in Paris, February 2016.
(Aug 31, 2015)

The big news today - DeLillo's next novel is titled Zero K and is scheduled for publication in May 2016 (per both Amazon and Scriber web listings) - no cover image yet, however. Also there's been a flurry of activity related to Underworld - new UK edition and media entries, including a new short DeLillo afterword, and an introduction by Rachel Kushner. Also added an event for the recent passing of E.L. Doctorow, to the Events page.
(Aug 27, 2015)

Added an upcoming event in NYC on Dec. 2, DeLillo with Joy Williams, to the Events page.
(Jun 24, 2015)

Added a blurb listing for the 1984 Bantam edition of Stephen Wright's Meditations in Green to the Bibliography, and added an entry on a Pitchfork piece in which several musicians comment on White Noise to the Odds and Ends page.
(May 15, 2015)

Added exactly one sentence to the blurb listing for Gordon Lish's Peru to the Bibliography, and added an upcoming event in Brooklyn on April 27 to the Events page.
(Mar 23, 2015)

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