New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 1997

This page notes all the new additions to the page that were done in 1997.
"The Day Room" produced in Germany.

The Vereinigte Staedtische Buehnen Krefeld und Moenchengladbach have done the first German production of "The Day Room", directed by Andreas Nathusius.

The play "Der Tagesraum" opened on November 30th in Krefeld (Rhineland) at the Studiobuehne Fabrik Heeder, Virchowstr. 130. The main character Wyatt is played by Hartmut Neuber, production design is by Ralf Jokisch. A review of the production by Andreas Rossmann was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, December 9, 1997, page 43.

Further show dates are:

On these dates the play starts at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available at the Theaterkasse of the Theater Krefeld, Theaterplatz 3, reservations can be made by phone at (02151) 805 125 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

Added a new interview from 1992, originally in German, entitled "Masses, Power and the Elegance of Sentences" by Brigitte Desalm, published in the Koelner Stadtanzeiger, Oct. 27, 1992 (in Cologne, Germany). Thanks to Tilo Zimmerman for the translation.
(Dec. 8, 1997)
Underworld was nominated for but did not win the National Book Award. Here are a few notes regarding the winner, Charles Frazier, from the Toronto Globe and Mail (Nov. 21, 1997):

In the book world's version of David versus Goliath, first-time novelist Charles Frazier won the National Book Award for fiction, beating out heavy favourite Don DeLillo.

Frazier, cited for his Civil War novel, Cold Mountain , said even he had DeLillo on his mind as the award was being announced in New York on Tuesday night.

"I was thinking about reading End Zone on a long back-packing trip in the North Cascades, or reading White Noise when I had pneumonia and a fever of 105 and just being amazed that I would even be in the same company," said Frazier, who received $10,000 for winning the prize.

DeLillo made a radio appearance in Canada on Nov. 20, 1997, an interview with Michael Enright.

Also, DeLillo's San Francisco address was broadcast on KQED radio in SF on Nov. 22 at noon.

If anyone has a tape of these shows, let me know!

Here is a report on DeLillo's New York City reading on Oct. 27, 1997, along with a picture of a DeLillo manuscript page.
Here are my notes on DeLillo's reading in San Francisco, Oct. 16, 1997.
I added a new set of annotations for each section of Underworld: start with Part 1 - Long Tall Sally.

Check the Underworld Media page for a growing list of profiles, reviews, etc.
(Oct. 3, 1997)

DeLillo will be making a number of appearances in the Fall of 1997.

Sept. 26 - Ithaca, NY - contact: Epoch Festival for more details.
Oct. 3 - Washington D.C. - contact: The Folger Shakespeare Library, (202) 544-7077
Oct. 16 - San Francisco - Herbst Theater, 8:00 pm. $16, (415) 392-4400.
Oct. 20 - Seattle - First United Methodist Church, 811 Fifth Ave., 7:30 pm. $10, (206) 621-2230.
Oct. 21 - Los Angeles - contact: Lannan Foundation
Oct. 27 - New York - contact: 92nd St. Y.
Oct. 30 - Boston - contact: Boston Public Library
Nov. 6 - Chicago - contact: Chicago Public Library
Nov. 12 - Albany, NY - Page Hall, 135 Western Ave., 8:00 pm, free. Check this link for more details.
Nov. 19 - Toronto - contact: Harbour Front Reading Series

(Sept 19, 1997)

I will be building up the Underworld page over the next few weeks; today I added the dust jacket copy.
(Sept. 13, 1997)
As of Sept 5, Underworld has begun hitting the shelves of bookstores. Look for it!
Added more information on the Wei Jingsheng event at which DeLillo read on May 13, 1997.
Added news of a academic conference on DeLillo to be held in March, 1998.
(Aug. 19, 1997)
Added a couple newly unearthed interviews to the page, Wilde and Connolly, both from 1988.
(Aug. 18, 1997)
The Fall 1997 issue of Publishers Weekly contains the article "The Ascendance of Don DeLillo" by Jonathan Bing.
(Aug. 14, 1997)
Check the September 1997 issue of Vanity Fair for a short DeLillo article, with a couple good photos.
(Aug. 12, 1997)
The UNDERWORLD buzz is building. Added a couple items to the Underworld Media page.
(thanks to David Thomson)
(July 22, 1997)
Added a bit of news on Underworld. Advance copies of the book are now out.
(Thanks to Joshua Roberts).
(July 1, 1997)
Added a bunch of new litcrit essays.
(June 9 & 18, 1997)
Phil Nel and I have written an Annotated Bibliography of DeLillo's work, now online for the first time.
(June 8, 1997)
Check out the May 26, 1997 New Yorker for a short DeLillo piece entitled "The Artist Naked in a Cage."
Another blurb for Going Native was added.
(May 20, 1997)
Added the new Salon link to the online history of the page.
Added a link to an excerpt of a review of Mao II by Martin Amis.
(May 27, 1997)
Another blurb was spotted (The English Patient).
(May 17, 1997)
Check out DeLillo's reclusiveness rating!
New color photo of the the man on the opening page.
A bit of paperback trivia on Oswald's mother.
Added a bit of Warhol-inspired subway graffiti to the Mao II page.
(May 11, 1997)
Added a description of a strange bit of DeLillo trivia to the Odds and Ends collection.
(May 8, 1997)
Added the text of a group letter regarding the Satanic Verses to the articles page.
(April 24, 1997)
Added a review listing from Elle magazine, December 1988.
(April 24, 1997)
The New York Times page has started a forum on DeLillo, and has many of the texts of reviews and profiles they have run over the years online. You have to register, but it's still free.
(March 25, 1997)
There's a new site up on the web about White Noise which will be of interest to fans.
(March 15, 1997)
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