New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 1998

This page notes all the new additions to the page that were done in 1998.
Added a new interview with DeLillo (in German) and short review of Underworld to the media watch.
(Nov. 19, 1998)
Full details on Valparaiso, DeLillo's new play, are available from American Repertory Theatre (links on the Plays page).
Also added a few new Underworld reviews.
(Nov. 3, 1998)
Added new page for White Noise: Text and Criticism due out from Penguin in Dec. 1998.
Added information on the new edition of "The Day Room" to the Plays page.
(Oct. 24, 1998)
Added a number of links to German articles on Underworld on the occasion of its publication in that language. Thanks to Tilo for these!
(Oct. 21, 1998)
Following up on the baseball theme, David Kipen penned an article entitled "Following the Bouncing Ball" for the SF Chronicle, Sept 27, 1998, which mentions DeLillo and Underworld.
(Sept. 28, 1998)
The New York Times has a short interview with DeLillo on the McGwire home run.
(Sept. 10, 1998)
Here are a few new links:
"Visions of the American Berserk", a comparative review of Underworld and Roth's American Pastoral.
An essay on "Hitler Studies in Don DeLillo's White Noise."
An interview with DeLillo that is from a Netherlands site. Any translators?
Also added the Underworld reviews onto the main reviews page.
(Sept. 24, 1998)
Added a note to the Odds and Ends page about an article on Gordon Lish and Raymond Carver which quotes from a DeLillo letter to Lish.
Added an Event for the publication of White Noise: Text and Criticism (Mark Osteen, editor) in December 1998.
(August 19, 1998)
Added a newly found blurb for Bill Buford's Among the Thugs.
(August 1, 1998)
DeLillo will be doing a reading tour in Germany and Switzerland in November, 1998; check the events for details.
(thanks to Tilo for this info).
(July 10, 1998)
Found confirmation of DeLillo's next work; a play entitled "Valparaiso" premiering at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA in late January, 1999. More detail on the Plays page.
(July 5, 1998)
One of the earliest friends of the page, and fellow San Francisco dweller Noah Hawley is having his first novel published at the end of June! The title is A Conspiracy of Tall Men, and Noah will be doing readings in SF, NYC and LA. Check it out!
(June 20, 1998)
Have heard rumor that a film of "Great Jones Street" will begin filming in late summer in Toronto, starring Keanu Reeves of all people! Anyone know more? Anyone have a script?
Added a page for the German translations of DeLillo's novels (thanks to Tilo).
(May 27, 1998)
Added a new Call for Papers to the LitCrit page.

Added a new page for the Italian translations of DeLillo's novels. (thanks to Gianluca!)
(May 16, 1998)

Added details to the Odds and Ends page on a new film which features narration using lines from Mao II and White Noise. The film is called Dial H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. by Johan Grimonprez, and was screened at the San Francisco Int'l Film Festival last week (but I didn't find out about it til afterwards, so I missed it).
(May 6, 1998)
Made a visit to the library, and found a few new Underworld reviews, and added a couple new entries to the Litcrit Essays list (Begley and Caton).
(April 26, 1998)
Added three new links to the Underworld Media page from the London Evening Standard.
Thanks to Richard Layne.
(April 13, 1998)
Added Amy Friedman's report on DeLillo's appearance in London on Jan. 15, 1998.
(April 11, 1998)
Added notice of DeLillo reading in NYC March 23, 1998. Check Events for more details.
(March 20, 1998)
Added two British editions: Mao II and Underworld.
(March 15, 1998)
The journal Undercurrent is looking for papers on DeLillo and Underworld by April 15, 1998.
(March 5, 1998)
Added the full text of an essay by Mark Ireton on parallels between Mao II and Great Jones Street.
(March 4, 1998)
There's a new DeLillo discussion mailing group (since expired).
(Feb. 24, 1998)
Added London Review of Books review to the Underworld Media page.
(Feb. 20, 1998)
A new DeLillo interview has been discovered, this one by Diane Osen, done on July 24, 1997.
(Feb. 3, 1998)
Added a new section, the Events page, to list upcoming and past events of interest to DeLillo readers.
(Jan. 24, 1998)
DeLillo did a reading in Dublin on January 12, 1998, and also a radio interview that day on station RTE. There was a bit of press in The Irish Times, including an interview entitled "And quiet writes the Don" by Fintan O'Toole on January 10, 1998, and a review entitled "Pitched into the future" by Eileen Battersby on January 8, 1998.
(Thanks to Seamus Enright)
DeLillo will be appearing at the Adelaide Festival in early March, 1998. More details to follow.
A new DeLillo interview is up on the web (for those of you with Real Audio). It's a radio interview at KCRW radio station broadcast on January 15, 1998.
(Thanks to Andy Roe)
Added the full text of the 1992 interview, originally in German, entitled "Masses, Power and the Elegance of Sentences" by Brigitte Desalm, published in the Koelner Stadtanzeiger, Oct. 27, 1992 (in Cologne, Germany). Thanks to Tilo Zimmerman for the translation.
(Jan. 14, 1998)
DeLillo will be appearing in London, January 15, 1998.

The details of Don DeLillo's reading in London are:
Thursday, 15 January 1998, 7:30 pm, at The Congress Centre, 23-28 Gt. Russell Street, London WC1. Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road. Tickets are 3 pounds 50, and can be reserved from Waterstones Book Store, Covent Garden, in person or by phone (0171-836-6757). The event is sponsored by Picador Press and Waterstones. DeLillo will be appearing in conversation with Adam Begley, and will read from and discuss Underworld. And oh yes, the ticket price includes a glass of wine.
(Thanks to Amy Friedman for the info)

A new interview:
The Guardian "Everything under the bomb" an interview by Richard Williams.
(Jan. 10, 1998).

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