New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2004

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2004.

The film "Game 6" from DeLillo's script will have its world premiere at Sundance in January. Details on Odds and Ends and Events.
(December 1, 2004)

A production of "The Day Room" is now up in Melbourne, Australia. Details on the Events page.
(November 26, 2004)

The Harry Ransom Center officially announced the acquisition of the DeLillo archive. Also noted is a DeLillo lecture to be given in Austin next year. Details on the Events page.
(October 21, 2004)

Got word of a short radio interview from 2003 at the Hay Festival, on or about May 25th. Check the Radio page for details and a link to the audio. (thanks to Yannick!)
(October 20, 2004)

I was able to make a visit down to Austin TX to see some of the DeLillo archive that is now held there. While I'm not at liberty to publish the materials I examined there, I was able to get some new information on a couple of items, with a bit more to come in the future.

First is the confirmation of a 1979 DeLillo story that has not appeared in any previous bibliographies, called "The Sightings." Details on the Stories page and in the Bibliography.

Second is information on the genesis of Amazons - see my new 'Notes on the collaboration' section.
(October 19, 2004)

News that another DeLillo work is being filmed - check Odds and Ends for details.
(September 3, 2004)

Discovered that DeLillo's papers are now at the University of Texas at Austin. Details toward the top of the Bibliography page. (thanks to Eddy for the tip!)
(August 25, 2004)

An update on DeLillo's appearance at "State of Emergency" a PEN event on August 4th. More details on the Events page.
(August 6, 2004)

Thanks to a tip from Finland (thanks Kyösti!), I've posted a little snippet of DeLillo writing on Samuel Beckett. See DeLillo on Writing for the details. Also added it to the Bibliography, along with a link to a letter from last year that DeLillo co-signed, on the JFK Assassination.

Also added to Odds and Ends a recent report on White Noise, the Movie!
(July 31, 2004)

News of interest to those in and around New York City. DeLillo is scheduled to attend a PEN event on August 4th. More details on the Events page.

Also added a 'what to read first' recommendation to the FAQ.
(July 21, 2004)

I finally got caught up with a few things that had been awaiting my attention.

First, news of the publication of a book of interviews with DeLillo. The book will appear in January 2005, and you can find a bit more detail on the Events page.

Second, I added Don DeLillo: Bloom's Modern Critical Views to the Lit Crit page, with contents, and added contents for a couple of the other compendiums listed there.
(July 5, 2004)

A new piece of writing from DeLillo appears in the Spring 2004 issue of Grand Street. See details on the Articles page. Thanks to Michael for the tip.
(June 20, 2004)

Added an image of the French edition of Cosmopolis. Many thanks to both Charlie DePietro and his uncle Thomas for this one!.
(May 10, 2004)

Wow! Yet another production of 'Valparaiso' now on stage in Vancouver, BC (started on May 7). More details on the Valparaiso Productions page.
(May 8, 2004)

Turns out there's a production of 'Valparaiso' now on stage in San Francisco (started on April 15). More details on the Valparaiso Productions page.
(April 29, 2004)

A recording of DeLillo's reading and QA from last year at the Hay Festival is available online (thanks to Arnaud for this one). Here is the link, and I've also added the link to the Events page for May 25, 2003.
(April 28, 2004)

A production of 'Valparaiso' hits the stage in Philadelphia, PA starting on May 5. More details on the Valparaiso Productions page. (thanks to JR for this one)
(April 27, 2004)

Julia Apitzsch has provided us with a translation of a 2003 interview with DeLillo which appeared in the Frankfurter Rundschau.
(March 3, 2004)

Some new DeLillo sees print in the February Harper's, though this is actually a reprint of the material that was posted on the Frontline website back in November (for details, see the articles).

Also, posted a new entry on the LitCrit page, publication of a new book on DeLillo by Jesse Kavadlo entitled Don DeLillo: Balance at the Edge of Belief.
(Jan 25, 2004)

Just did a bit of housekeeping on the DeLillo on Radio page, and added a link to that page on the Interviews page. If you haven't seen it, you may want to check it out as you can hear some interviews online. Also belatedly added an Event, a reading done in Cologne, Germany back in September.
(Jan 12, 2004)

Introduced a new page today, a FAQ for Don DeLillo's America.
(Jan 3, 2004)
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