New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 1999

This page notes all the new additions to the page that were done in 1999.
I tracked down a real DeLillo rarity; it's the Fall 1985 issue of Fordham magazine, which features a reprint of the story "Human Moments in World War III," an excerpt of the LeClair interview, a short profile of DeLillo by Thomas Ranieri, accompanied by a photo of DeLillo standing by the painting that was used as the cover of Players.
(Oct. 31, 1999)
Added a link to the LitCrit page; it's an essay entitled "Frank Lentricchia's Don DeLillo."
(Oct. 10, 1999)
According to this link, if my German is still holding up, 'Valparaiso' will be produced in Vienna in March, 2000 in a German translation, and will be done on Broadway in October, 2000 (or is it this year??).

Also found a link to the Jerusalem Post article/interview on DeLillo, "An American master" by Calev Ben-David from June 29, 1999.
(Oct. 7, 1999)

Added information to the Events page about a story that White Noise has been newly optioned for the big screen.
(Oct. 4, 1999)
Added information about a special session on DeLillo that will be a part of the Modern Language
Association December 1999 convention.
(Oct. 2, 1999)
Added a new entry for the British paperback edition of Amazons.
Added information on a short piece that DeLillo wrote on F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(Sept. 4, 1999)
Added a new blurb that will appear on Frank Lentricchia's new novel.
Added a link for the poster from the debut production of Valparaiso.
Added a LitCrit Essay by Mattias Blom, from his book Stories of Old.
(August 21, 1999)
Added a new page for the Penguin Great Books edition of White Noise.
Added a picture of the dust jacket of Valparaiso.
(July 11, 1999)
A Don DeLillo Society has been formed and invites your participation.
(July 2, 1999)
Updated the Odds and Ends page with two rather silly tidbits.
(June 27, 1999)
Updated the Events page with news of recent publications and the forthcoming special issue of Modern Fiction Studies devoted to DeLillo.
(June 5, 1999)
The new all-DeLillo issue of Erick Heroux's online journal Undercurrents is now available. Check it out!
(May 25, 1999)
Found this photo of DeLillo on the web, at Ishmael Reed's site.
(May 8, 1999)
DeLillo has won the 1999 Jerusalem Prize (the first time an American has won).
On a lighter note, I noticed that DeLillo has also made RAYGUN magazine's Pop 50 List
(April 26, 1999)
Philippp Schweighauser in Basel, Switzerland has created a new web site: Thinking about White Noise which is worth a visit.
(Apr. 9, 1999)
Added new images of the Italian editions of DeLillo's novels, thanks to Gianluca Pignalberi!
(Apr. 2, 1999)
DeLillo and Underworld have been nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary award. Get the details from the Irish Times site.

Added an interesting review by Steffen Hantke to the Underworld Media Watch page.

Also added a new review link to the Valparaiso page.
(Mar. 23, 1999)

Found two older foreign-language interviews with DeLillo out on the web. The first is from Denmark by Lotte L. Neilsen entitled En stilfærdig amerikaner and it was done in 1995. The second is in German by Ruth Bender entitled (probably mistakenly) Basketball und die Bombe from Transatlantic in late 1998, I believe.
(Feb. 27, 1999)
Added new links to the Valparaiso page.
(Feb. 23, 1999)
Added a new page for Valparaiso, premiering in Cambridge, MA January 29, 1999.
(Jan. 27, 1999)

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