New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2003

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2003.

A couple new interviews have been located. One is available online, was conducted in 1998 by Maria Moss, and appeared in a French journal called Sources. (thanks to Stephen for this one).

The other is not completely available online, but snippets can be seen at Amazon. The book is titled the Book that Changed My Life: Interviews with National Book Award Winners and Finalists, edited by Diane Osen, 2002. The interview is on pages 12-20.

Finally, another interesting book is available, titled Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y by Johan Grimonprez. This book is related to a documentary film which came out in 1997, and it appears that the book includes work by DeLillo (I suspect this consists of excerpts from the novels, but perhaps there's something new here). See Odds & Ends (in the middle) for more details on the film & a bold graphic cover of the book. (thanks to Bob!).
(Dec 18, 2003)

It's been fifty years. That's right, fifty years of Playboy magazine! And in the Fiftieth Anniversary Issue (Collector's Edition!), January 2004, there appears, on page 150, the text of a letter from DeLillo to Jonathan Safran Foer. The letter accompanied a blank yellow page of writing paper that DeLillo submitted to Foer, and is printed in Foer's article 'Emptiness' about the naked page. For your convenience I've transcribed the letter onto the Writing page (thanks to Drew for this one!)
(Nov 22, 2003)

It's been forty years. New DeLillo reflections on Lee Harvey Oswald appear on a Frontline website Q&A forum; details can be found with the articles. (thanks to Richard for this one!)

Also, it appears that DeLillo's Sports Illustrated piece from 1972, "Total Loss Weekend," has been reprinted in Sports Illustrated: Fifty Years of Great Writing.
(Nov 22, 2003)

Two items of interest today. Conjunctions has posted DeLillo's short piece "On William Gaddis" on the web; here is the link.

Also, The Guardian published a piece yesterday by Gordon Burn (a past interviewer of DeLillo) that looks at current American fiction and describes DeLillo's appearance in the UK back in May. Check the Events page for May 25, 2003 for details.
(Nov 16, 2003)

Another very short DeLillo piece appears in the latest Paris Review (Fall 2003); it is a musing on the drawing 'Female Nude' by Louise Nevelson, 1932. More details can be found on the Articles page.
(Nov 2, 2003)

First off, a new short piece of DeLillo writing appears in the October 20 issue of The New Yorker. It's called 'That Day in Rome' and is subtitled 'Movies and memory' about tracing the memory of seeing a movie star in Rome one day twenty five years ago. More details can be found on the Articles page.

I also added a link to the Links page, for Stephen Burn's DeLillo overview for the Literary Encyclopedia.
(Oct 18, 2003)

Made a few minor additions this evening. First is the addition of the Reader's Guide to White Noise, by Leonard Orr to Lit Crit. Second is the listing of a review of Cosmopolis from India. And third is the addition of several new editions to the Italian page (thanks to Gianluca!)
(Sept 19, 2003)

Found a report on the Parati Literary Festival (in Brazil) that tells a rather embarrassing anecdote regarding DeLillo. See Events for August 3, 2003.
(August 24, 2003)

Added links to three more recent pieces on Underworld that appeared in the UK (thanks to Arnaud)
(August 21, 2003)

Laura Miller throws out a few compliments for Amazons in a piece in the New York Times Sunday Book Review entitled "Black Sheep of the Family" Aug 10, 2003:

Unmistakably DeLillo, ''Amazons'' is a picaresque collection of riffs and set pieces on topics like the species of fear exhibited on turbulence-plagued airplanes and the ethics of junk-food endorsements. It's often hilarious, and blessedly free of the self-important solemnity that is DeLillo's writerly Achilles' heel.

(thanks to JR for that one; also, he reminds that he was indeed able to get a DeLillo signature on Amazons, as noted in his report from 1997)

Also noting a short followup on Cosmopolis from Griel Marcus, published back in April.
(August 9, 2003)

Found out (a bit late) about a DeLillo appearance, which was today in Brazil (see Events for a link). Added a link to a recent piece on the language of Underworld that appeared in the UK (thanks to Terry)
(August 3, 2003)
Added one new link to the Cosmopolis Media page, and have also gotten a link to the full text of one of the earliest and most blurbed reviews of Americana, Joyce Carol Oates' review in the Detroit News in 1971 (thanks to Randy for this one).
(June 28, 2003)
Added news of upcoming DeLillo radio interviews and a short piece on William Gaddis to the Events page (thanks to Jordan and Kyösti).
(June 5, 2003)
Added a report from a DeLillo Event in London on the 27th (thanks to Arnaud Pelle!), plus a shot of the Italian edition of Cosmopolis (thanks to Lorenzo).
(May 29, 2003)
A nice, long profile of DeLillo added to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page.
(May 27, 2003)
News of another upcoming DeLillo appearance, this one in Rome on June 3. See the Events page for more details.
(May 25, 2003)
Yes, another review (worth reading, this time) added to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page.
(May 20, 2003)
Added another UK DeLillo profile to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page, thanks to Bill Jarmell.
(May 14, 2003)
Added a lengthly DeLillo profile to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page, thanks to James Murphy.
(May 13, 2003)
A review from The Economist on the Cosmopolis Media Watch page, thanks to Randy Coleman.
Also, a couple more Danish editions, for Libra and Cosmopolis. Double plus, more French editions, for The Body Artist as well as paperbacks of Underworld, Libra, and Mao II. Triple plus, more German editions, for Americana, The Names, Players, The Body Artist, and Running Dog. (all in honor of the 'old Europe').
(May 12, 2003)
More UK coverage on the Cosmopolis Media Watch page, thanks to James Murphy.
(May 6, 2003)
UK coverage begins at The Guardian on the Cosmopolis Media Watch page, plus some 'meta-reviews'.
(May 4, 2003)
Added one more review to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page (thanks to David & Stephen).
(April 30, 2003)
Added three reviews to the Cosmopolis Media Watch page.
(April 28, 2003)
A good profile on DeLillo done during his visit to Los Angeles, on the Cosmopolis Media Watch page. (thanks to Becky)
Also, a review of the current L.A. production of 'Valparaiso'.
(April 16, 2003)
Cosmopolis reviewed by the NYT Book Review & two others on the Media Watch page, plus a report from DeLillo's reading in Cincinnati on the 11th in the Events page.
(April 13, 2003)
A few more Cosmopolis items added to the Media Watch page, not reviews this time, but profiles and an interview.
(April 10, 2003)
Two more reviews of Cosmopolis added to the Media Watch page.

I also added a couple cover pictures to the Lit Crit page.
(April 7, 2003)

An interview and two more reviews of Cosmopolis added to the Media Watch page. Thanks to all those who've sent me links and information; that's what keeps the site up-to-date!

Also, my report on the event last night in San Francisco. I got my copy of Ratner's Star signed by the man.
(April 3, 2003)

An interview with DeLillo and a review of Cosmopolis added to the Media Watch page.

Also, notice of a new-found event, May 27 in London, England.
(April 1, 2003)

Three reviews of Cosmopolis added to the Media Watch page. Two thumbs up, one down, for those keeping score. Plus a very great headline for Laura Miller's thrashing review.
(March 31, 2003)
Four reviews of Cosmopolis added to the Media Watch page.

Added a new Event, April 11 in Cincinnati.

By the way, did anyone get to the DeLillo appearance in Chicago last night? Reports are welcome...
(March 25, 2003)

Added a few things to the Cosmopolis Media page, including an image of the forthcoming UK edition. Also posted the dust jacket text.

Created a Polish editions page, with just a couple entries.
(March 22, 2003)

Cosmopolis is now appearing in bookstores! (got my copy at The Booksmith on Haight St).

Also, an excerpt from the book appears in Esquire (April 2003), along with a few comments from DeLillo. I have updated the Cosmopolis page with some new details.

Also updated the Bibliography with the above, as well as including an extension to the blurb on Rian Malan's book.

I'm told a Cosmopolis review appears in the April Harper's, but have not seen it yet.
(March 18, 2003)

News of an upcoming production of 'Valparaiso' in Hollywood (begins March 25), listed on Valparaiso Productions and Events.
(March 15, 2003)
Just a quick update to the Events page, to show more details and a link for DeLillo's April 14 appearance in NYC.
(March 9, 2003)
I've put up a Cosmopolis page, and split the previous information onto a Cosmopolis Media Watch page.

The first 'official' Cosmopolis review, by Tom LeClair; and you'll find both a link to the published review as well as the full text of his original review.
(March 4, 2003)

Added a new page, for the Japanese editions of DeLillo's novels.

Listed a new event, of particular interest to UK residents, of DeLillo's appearance at the Hay Festival on May 25. (thanks to Terry Anderson for this one).

Added a new blurb, one found on Rian Malan's My Traitor's Heart. (thanks to Mark Woodley).

And finally caught up on a couple Odds & Ends.
(Feb 15, 2003)

Added some media coverage of the current production of 'Valparaiso' as staged by the Boise Contemporary Theater.
(Feb 11, 2003)
Better news on the Los Angeles DeLillo appearance scheduled for April 4, 2003 (thanks to Jim and Andy for passing along info). Check the Events page for details on a web site that at least lists the event (if not ticket info so far).
(Feb 5, 2003)
A couple updates to the Events page. Listed a current production of Valparaiso in Boise, Idaho (Jan 30-Feb 23), and put some doubts on the Los Angeles DeLillo appearance which had been scheduled for April 4, 2003 (no one seems to be able to get confirmation of this event).
(Feb 1, 2003)
Two kind of exciting additions to the page! Both are interviews both from 1998 (scroll down a bit to find them), one a new translation, and one a radio interview available online. Here are the direct links: Interview with Bo Green Jensen, Radio Interview with Michael Silverblatt. Thanks to Jakob Schelander and Adam Bennett for making these happen on the site.
(Jan 6, 2003)
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