New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2005

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2005.

Created a page for Love-Lies-Bleeding, which is being published in January 2006. Includes an enlarged cover shot (same as above), and notes the first published review from Harper's.
(Dec 28, 2005)

Details for the UK/London premier production of Valparaiso in April 2006 now on the Events page.
(Dec 19, 2005)
An interview conducted in France in 1999 and published in 2001 has come to light - details on the Interviews page. Also, a new Odds and Ends entry for a funny quote from Benjamin Kunkel (young novelist).
(Nov 21, 2005)
A short DeLillo piece entitled "Woman in the Distance" appears in the literary journal Black Clock #4; details on the Articles page (and the Bibliography).
(Nov 14, 2005)
Details on an Event that featured DeLillo reading, at the PEN State of Emergency II on Nov. 8.
(Nov 10, 2005)
Added an upcoming production of 'Valparaiso' to both Events and Productions pages. It's in New York City, Oct 20-Nov 5.
(Oct 13, 2005)
Added a new page for the Spanish translations of DeLillo's work.
(Sept 17, 2005)
Added the Benjamin Kunkel essay "Dangerous Characters" to the LitCrit page, as it centers on DeLillo's work.
(Sept 13, 2005)
Unfortunately reporting after the fact, news that DeLillo acted as 'Guest Director' at the Telluride Film Festival, Sept 2-5. From the festival program guide, I also learned that the new play Love-Lies-Bleeding will run first at the Steppenwolf in Chicago. Details on Events.
(Sept 7, 2005)
Mostly a bit of re-arrangement today. I gave "The Day Room" a dedicated page, and cleaned up the Plays page. I archived the 'new adds' from 2002 and 2003 onto separate pages (links below). I did add a new page for the "Valparaiso" dust jacket copy.
(Aug 10, 2005)
Friend of the site Drew provided a link to a new letter co-signed by DeLillo that appears in the latest New York Review of Books (ongoing JFK documents issue). Item added to the Bibliography (Essays, Letters section at the bottom). Also added a Wikipedia link to the Links page, and cleared out some dead links there.
(Aug 7, 2005)
I've been doing some audio experiments, and am pleased to offer a snippet of DeLillo reading the first lines of Underworld (go to the page and find the link, or go for it here).
(July 24, 2005)
A short DeLillo appreciation of Thomas Pynchon is in the new issue of Bookforum; I've posted the text and link on Odds and Ends.
(May 26, 2005)
An update to the Japanese translations page, with the addition of images for Cosmopolis and White Noise.
(May 18, 2005)
A production of 'Valparaiso' goes up this week in northern New Jersey. Find details on the Valparaiso Productions page.
(April 26, 2005)
News on DeLillo's next major effort: a play, Love-Lies-Bleeding, to premier in 2006. See Events for details, along with similar info on Plays.
(March 1, 2005)
Added a rather interesting Odds & Ends item, an excerpt from a essay by Jonathan Lethem that's running in the latest New Yorker.
(February 26, 2005)
Updated the Events page with some details from the Feb 10 reading in Austin, TX.

Updated the White Noise page with a clever 'page one annotation' put together by one Jeff Salamon (scroll to bottom of page for it).

Added the contents of the new Conversations with Don DeLillo to Interviews.
(February 17, 2005)

Added an entry to Interviews for the new Conversations with Don DeLillo, edited by Thomas DePietro, now available (reprints many DeLillo interviews).
(January 30, 2005)
Updated Odds & Ends for the name-dropping of Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes).

Also updated the Bibliography for both "Game 6" and for the Brick piece mentioned just below; turns out it is a reprint of the "Three movies..." essay that appeared in Grand Street last year.
(January 29, 2005)

A new DeLillo blurb has been found; it's for Ann Lauterbach's poetry collection If in Time. See the Bibliography for the blurb, and Odds & Ends for another connection between Lauterbach and DeLillo.

Also, there's a new piece of DeLillo writing in the current issue of Brick (#74, Winter 2004). It's listed in the contents as "Don DeLillo: The remote artists". I've yet to see the piece.
(thanks to Jeremy for both of these!)
(January 22, 2005)

An update on a few details on the premier of the film "Game 6" at Sundance on January 22. Details on the Events page.
(January 20, 2005)
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