New Additions to the DeLillo Page - 2000

This page notes all the new additions to the page that were done in 2000.
DeLillo has received another international award - the "Riccardo Bacchelli" International Award, given in Bologna, Italy. Details posted in Awards and Events.
(thanks to Nicola Caleffi!)
(Dec 17, 2000)
Added a few new images:
A graphic from The Body Artist, a bad scan of 'Arrangement in Gray and Black' and a new one of me.
(Dec 16, 2000)
A short 'playlet' by DeLillo entitled "The Mystery at the Middle of Ordinary Life" appears in the recent issue of Zoetrope magazine. See the Plays page for details (the piece is online currently).
(Dec 8, 2000)
The Body Artist media bandwagon continues to build momentum. Listing for a piece in the Village Voice.
(Nov 3, 2000)
The Body Artist media bandwagon has started rolling. First onboard is Speak magazine, with the piece "Smells like Don DeLillo" by John Lardas in Fall 2000 issue #20. Some memorable lines: "I a humble apprentice. I have absorbed an digested Don DeLillo whole. I am the fungus that lurks invisibly between his toes." Though he doesn't come out and say it, I suspect Mr. Lardas has been a visitor here more than once...

Also noted the DeLillo blurb on the latest novel by Joy Williams, The Quick and the Dead. "Joy Williams has produced a hard, sharp, comic novel about the off-kilter genius of adolescence - a work of marverick insight and rash and beautiful bursts of language."
(Oct 21, 2000)

A production of The Day Room is going up in Los Angeles starting Oct. 12, 2000. Check the Events page for details.
Also listed a couple minor DeLillo mentions from the New York Times Magazine in the Odds and Ends page.
(Oct 1, 2000)
A major DeLillo event - he'll be reading at the 92nd St Y in New York City on Feb 5, 2001. Go to the Events page for more details. (big thanks to Richard Romeo for the news!)
(Sept 17, 2000)
Added a few details on The Body Artist, due out in Feb. 2001.
(August 26, 2000)
Added details on the Irish premier of Valparaiso (in Dublin) to the Events page.
(August 12, 2000)
Added a few additional images of foreign editions of DeLillo's novels: check the German and French pages.
(July 29, 2000)
Documented a new Italian edition of Libra, thanks to Gianluca.
(July 22, 2000)
While in Europe discovered a new blurb for Julia Leigh's The Hunter, and have added it to the Bibliography page
Also updated links to the Don DeLillo Society, which has moved to Kansas with its keeper, Phil Nel.
(July 18, 2000)
Added DeLillo's blurb for Tom LeClair's new novel, Well-Founded Fear, to the Bibliography page, along with a new entry for the Works in Progress excerpt from End Zone dating back to 1972.
(June 3, 2000)
DeLillo awarded the William Dean Howells Medal for Underworld! Check the Awards page for details.

Also added a link to a new website on Libra: Thinking About DeLillo's Libra to the Links page.
(May 25, 2000)

Rumor has it that DeLillo will receive a major award in the next week. Stay tuned.

Also added a staging of The Day Room (in Perth, Australia) to the Events page.
(May 12, 2000)

New! A page with the details and pictures of the French translations of DeLillo's work.
(May 6, 2000)
Added a few pictures here and there: on the Lit Crit page and the Joyce Connection page.

Also added some additional information about the Chicago production of Valparaiso.
(Feb. 19, 2000)

Added news about DeLillo's next novel, reportedly entitled The Body Artist and to be published in February 2001.

Also added some information about the Chicago production of Valparaiso.
(Feb. 10, 2000)

Added information about a production of Valparaiso being staged in February and March, 2000 in Chicago to the Events page.

Also received a scan of the new Italian edition of Americana from Gianluca Pignalberi.
(Feb. 3, 2000)

Updated and removed various links on the Interviews page.
(Jan. 29, 2000)
Another CFP is out now! Check the LitCrit page for details, plus I added a few new things to the Events page.
(Jan. 24, 2000)
A Call for Papers is out now! Check the LitCrit page for details (or go straight to the Don DeLillo Society Events page).
(Jan. 7, 2000)
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