New Additions to the DeLillo Pages in 2006

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2006.
A couple items today. First off, a brief description of Falling Man is now available, from the Scribner catalog (thanks to Michael). Also added a couple great cover images to the Spanish translations page!
(Dec 22, 2006)
A couple unlikely items added to the Odds and Ends page... a YouTube video dropping knowledge on DeLillo and White Noise; and a NYC theater group doing a Great Jones Street-inspired production
(Dec 12, 2006)
It now appears definitive that DeLillo's next novel is titled Falling Man, and is due out in June 2007. Updated the home page as well as the Events page, created a Falling Man page.

Also added information on a 2007 production of "Love-Lies-Bleeding" to be held in Sydney, Australia. Details on the "Love-Lies-Bleeding" Productions page.
(Nov 12, 2006)

Today I discovered that a new introduction written by DeLillo appears in new Penguin printings of Libra. It's called "Assassination Aura." Updated the Bibliography as well.
(Oct 24, 2006)
An interview with DeLillo that appeared in the program for the Steppenwolf production of "Love-Lies-Bleeding" is online; see Interviews for details. (Thanks to Jackie for the link).
(Oct 23, 2006)
Posted news of a production of "Love-Lies-Bleeding" that is currently in production in Boise, Idaho. Details on the Love-Lies-Bleeding Productions page.
(Oct 21, 2006)
Updated the LitCrit page to mark the publication of Joseph Dewey's Beyond Grief and Nothing, a new critical study on DeLillo. Also made a few changes to the home page to get things up-to-date.
(Sept 6, 2006)
I see it's been awhile since the last update! Two items today: Valparaiso is on stage in my hometown of Portland right now, and I found this oddity: a cover design for Ratner's Star that was never used.
(Sept 1, 2006)
A bit of the conversation with Greil Marcus coming in the June issue of The Believer is online; details on the Interviews page. Also did a few updates to the Events page, mostly with regard to the Telluride Film Festival in Sept. 2005, which is where the conversation with Marcus took place. Finally the addition of a volume of Italian literary criticism on DeLillo to the Italian page.
(June 7, 2006)
I note DeLillo's comments on the occasion of the death of Gilbert Sorrentino on the Writing page, and I've also added a bit more detail on the recent NYT "Best American Fiction" survey on the Odds and Ends page.
(May 31, 2006)
I've set up a new separate Productions of "Love-Lies-Bleeding" page, with some new info on the Chicago production, and also added information on the New York Times list of Best American Fiction of the last 23 years that put Underworld at number two on the Odds and Ends page. While I was at it I listed the result on the Underworld Media page, and removed most of the dead links there.
(May 19, 2006)
A couple additions to the Interviews page, and the addition of the London premier to the 'Valparaiso' Productions page.
(May 1, 2006)
Update to the Events page to note that DeLillo will be appearing to sign books at the Steppenwolf in Chicago on May 6.
(April 26, 2006)
A new listing in the Media Watch for "Love-Lies-Bleeding", with some quotes from DeLillo.
(April 13, 2006)
A new listing in the Lit Crit page - Peter Boxall's Don DeLillo: The Possibility of Fiction is forthcoming in May.
(April 3, 2006)
More new stuff. First off, a new page for the Hungarian editions of DeLillo's novels.

Also, updates to the "Game 6" page, adding reviews from Boston and New York.

And, updated the Interviews page to include the two published versions of what appear to be a single interview with John Freeman.
(March 14, 2006)

Several updates today! DeLillo did a brief radio interview with the UK's BBC Today show on March 1, and I've listed it on the DeLillo on Radio page (with link to the interview, which will be online for a few more days). Then I placed a 30 second excerpt on the "Love-Lies-Bleeding" page on the genesis of the play.

Also added information for a new Lit Crit book on DeLillo, entitled Approaches to Teaching DeLillo's White Noise.

Last but not least I put a new DeLillo image up on the home page.
(March 2, 2006)

Dropped in a link to a good article from Australia on "Love-Lies-Bleeding" with some DeLillo quotes.
(Feb 21, 2006)
The general opening of "Game 6" is coming in March. I've added new information to the home page and the Game 6 page, with links to the film website (where they're running a contest to win tickets to the premiere on March 9, 2006 in New York City).
(Feb 10, 2006)
News of a forthcoming study of DeLillo's work, entitled Beyond Grief and Nothing: A Reading of Don DeLillo, by Joseph Dewey. More details on the Lit Crit page.
(Feb 7, 2006)
I've created a "Game 6" page, now that the film is being released in March. I also updated the Events page with the Boise production of "Love-Lies-Bleeding", and updated the main page, plays, and the bibliography for recent changes.
(Jan 2, 2006)
Updated the "Love-Lies-Bleeding" page to add the correct photographer of the cover shot, and to add material on the very first performance of the play, which was back in May, 2005.
(Jan 1, 2006)
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