New Additions to the DeLillo Pages in 2007

This page notes all new additions to the page in 2007.

Here's a rarity - an actual DeLillo candid photo taken at Yankee stadium, sitting with Paul Auster and two folks from the Gotham Book Mart. Stuck this on the Odds and Ends page. (thanks to Trent!)

Also added a few recent items onto the Bibliography page.

(December 23, 2007)

A new article by Gerald Howard gives the full back story on Amazons - link and excerpt down at the bottom of the page. (thanks to Drew and Chad)

(December 15, 2007)

A bunch of new cover images. Lots of new ones on the German page, one new one on the Dutch page, and the best one is a great cover image for the Russian edition of Libra.
(November 25, 2007)

I learned after the fact of DeLillo's participation in the European Film Festival last week in Lisbon. Added an entry for it on the Events page.
(November 24, 2007)

On hearing of the passing of Norman Mailer today, I've added a short excerpt from a 1995 letter from DeLillo to Mailer to the Libra page, regarding Oswald. I also stuck in a bit of the recent Die Zeit interview referencing Mailer.
(November 10, 2007)

Updated some links on the Interviews page, including reviving long dead links to the 1997 Gerald Howard and Jonathan Bing pieces.

Also updated the Links page, and added a link to the DeLillo Society mailing list on Yahoo Groups.

And - stuck a new image (45 rpm) onto the Odds and Ends page, along with updating some links there.

Finally - updated Events page for a happening on Sept 9, 2007 not previously noted.
(November 10, 2007)

Added notes for the new short Play entitled "The Word for Snow" that premiered last week in Chicago. Also put in a new entry on the DeLillo/Lish connection on Odds and Ends (scroll down to the bottom to find it.
(November 4, 2007)

Added a new interview with a link and a couple excerpts (translated from the German), that ran on October 11 in Die Zeit (thanks to Daniel!).
(November 3, 2007)

Posted news of a current production of 'Valparaiso' in Long Beach, CA on Valparaiso Productions. Also added a new page for the Dutch editions of DeLillo novels that I've been able to track down.
(October 6, 2007)
Posted news of another DeLillo reading in NYC on Sept 26, and updated with new details the new one-act play being performed in Chicago in October, all on the Events page.
(Sept 22, 2007)
Posted news of a DeLillo reading in NYC on Sept 24, on Events. (thanks to Bosh on this one!)
(August 20, 2007)

Several bits of news today:

(August 7, 2007)
Posted news of a production of Valparaiso up now in Washington DC, on Valparaiso Productions and Events.
(July 4, 2007)
Several updates today:

(June 29, 2007)
A bunch more reviews (all with links to the full original) added to the Falling Man Media Bandwagon.
(June 13, 2007)
A few updates today:

(June 10, 2007)

A few updates today:

(May 21, 2007)

A couple sets of updates today:

(May 3, 2007)

Lots of DeLillo stuff going on while I was away!

(April 7, 2007)

Two pieces of news today. First is that DeLillo will be appearing at a PEN event in NYC on April 25 (details on Events), and second is that a film has been made of the 1990 mini-playlet "The Rapture of the Athlete Assumed into Heaven" - details on the Plays page (thanks to Trent for this one!).
(March 22, 2007)

Added a cover image for Falling Man.
(March 4, 2007)
Just a bit of news on Falling Man.
(Feb 23, 2007)
Mostly housekeeping changes today, but also a few new images.

Added recent cover images for the following novels: Americana, End Zone, Great Jones Street, Ratner's Star, White Noise, Libra & Mao II. (Mostly the Penguin editions).

Changed the link on The Triumph of Death to a Wikipedia entry on the painting, and have removed the image from my site.

Separated 2004 and 2005 New Additions onto separate pages.
(Jan 1, 2007)

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